DSE Day 2 (a few days later)

The APEX awards were presented Wednesday evening, and with several vendor parties later that night (the Peerless party being quite popular, so I understand), the show floor was a bit more muted than the day before. The long Easter weekend seemed to have more than a few attendee’s heading home early, but there was still a lot to see on the show floor.

Though not the only holographic-style projection unit at DSE, the most impressive display was the Hypervsn™️ system by Kino-mo. Though my image does not do the system justice, Hypervsn™️ uses an integrated management system and spinning projection unit to create an animated 3-D floating image that grabs the attention of anyone walking by. I imagine that in the right environment, the effect could be a huge traffic generator. Time will tell if holographic effects using physically spinning projectors can stand up to a day to day use case. In my personal experience, moving parts always eventually fail, and there were several other similar models at the show that were inactive. Granted, it seemed like curiosity of viewers might have had something to do with it, as any impact on the spin arm would likely be unhealthy for the device (and the curious finger..)


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