About iTarian

We are now an iTarian MSR!

One of the biggest challenges currently for small to medium business in this primarily work from home environment, is how to support and manage their now separated endpoints. We experienced this first hand with isolated clients struggling with technical issues at home, cobbling together remote support over phone, frustrating screen sharing tools, and generally increased stress levels.

We are happy to announce our partnership with iTarian, allowing us to provide enterprise class centralized IT management to clients on a per-seat, per-use basis. Services include system monitoring, endpoint protection, remote system control, full ticketing and help desk, as well as patch management; supporting Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems. The iTarian platform provides a secure and complete view of our client systems, enhancing our technical support services.

We look forward to rolling this service out to more of our clients in the coming days and weeks!


Andrew Pease Founder of By Jove! Consulting Corp., a technical guru of many hats who has an insatiable curiosity for finding out how to make it work. Part time gardener and sometimes artist, I bring all my experience to all the challenges I face. I am also an all around nice guy!