Walk Twenty Feet in Their Shoe

Here is my challenge to you. Grab a pair of crutches and a chair. Walk outside your store, sit down and remove one of your shoes. Now on your crutches go in the store, buy something and get back to your chair on the curb without touching your bare foot to the ground. Timer starts.. now.

I injured myself in May. In the midst of improving my lifestyle, eating and exercise habits, I partially ruptured by left Achilles tendon. Apparently it made a rather unpleasant popping sound, but I was distracted at the time by body coming to grips with, “Ouch!”

I was very fortunate, and I did not require surgery, but as anyone who has had this injury knows, the recover is very long. Six weeks in three different casts, then a walking air cast (removable boot) and physiotherapy, etc.. So, I have had the opportunity to temporarily appreciate the barriers exist for those with limitations in mobility.

If you don’t know how difficult access to your business is, you will never see the people in your store that can’t make it in. Conceptually understanding by-laws on barrier free access is not the same as struggling over the threshold of your doorway.

Don’t miss an opportunity to understand all your customers!


Andrew Pease Founder of By Jove! Consulting Corp., a technical guru of many hats who has an insatiable curiosity for finding out how to make it work. Part time gardener and sometimes artist, I bring all my experience to all the challenges I face. I am also an all around nice guy!